H.N.A Company offers an extensive product range suitable for acoustic solutions. The company has manufacturing capabilities and capacity planning range.

We produce complex high level solutions for research laboratories and industry. Acoustic protection for pumps and machinery chambers and rooms for engines, open ended acoustic enclosures including acoustic doors and ventilation systems.
H.N.A acoustic sheets are made for Corrosive environments. The materials are Vinyl sheeting filled with acoustic material. The curtains are connected to sliding rails . Model S-HAFP enhanced curtain with dual internal insulation Model S-HAFP  pierced on both sides
Silencers provide a technical solution for handling air borne noise. Noise reduction is achieved by tunneling the air between structures with noise absorbing propeties. These structures are usually constructed from a galvanized metal frame and an internal... Read more
The weakest links for noise leakage are the entry and exit openings, through which a noisy air flow passes . HNA offers a variety of doors designed to reduce noise entering rooms. Our doors are made of galvanized metal and are painted in any epoxy colour. We... Read more
Canopies sokve problems of noise that stems from sources such as a generator, pump or a machine that cause harmful environmental noise. HNA offers a number of professional acoustic solutions. Bell Canopy This canopy is fixed to a concrete base and serves as a buffer between the... Read more
Acoustic walls are composed of complex modular acoustic panels side by side on an appropriate construction. The panels are acoustic structures designed to block the passage of noise. The wall will typically face the noise source side with a perforated metal sheet that is housing a... Read more