Acoustic Doors

The weakest links for noise leakage are the entry and exit openings, through which a noisy air flow passes .

HNA offers a variety of doors designed to reduce noise entering rooms.
Our doors are made of galvanized metal and are painted in any epoxy colour.

We produce two levels of acoustic doors. Main noise reduction levels Are 40 and 50 DB (a) based on the acoustic demand. It is possible to deliver the doors with a variety of locking mechanisms and door frames including: Alarm mechanisms, windows and glass openings, designed metalwork and colours in any shade of your choice.
Each door is manufactured based on the customers specifications and in any size ensuring an excellent acoustic level reduction.

Doors are suitable for many uses such as: generator rooms, machine rooms, factories, recording studios, audiometric cells, medical institutions, cinemas, theatres, concert halls, sports halls, libraries, hotels, and more.

Technical advisor:
Our engineers provide advice and assistance to customers apon request and are happy to work with architects, contractors and engineers on the aspects of noise control to ensure all specifications are met.
Noise testing may be performed before and after installation, on-demand.

Our doors are built from galvanized steel and noise absorbing materials. We include high quality engraved steel hinges. Hinges are designed to ensure durability and longevity.

We seal our doors with unique rubber seals or magnetic seals. The degree of insulation varies according to the level of noise reduction as well as the lower threshold of the door.

oustic door AD-50 with peripheral seal
Our acoustic door at 50 dB (a) level is designed for spaces with high levels of noise. Due to the high level of noise reduction, these heavy doors require a massive lintel, threshold or lower peripheral frame. Installation is possible on any wall material.
Acoustic door AD-40, with rubber gasket
Our acoustic door at 40 dB (a) level is designed for spaces with high levels of noise. Optional locks and fitting. Adjustable lower threshold option. Bent tin frame for covering full wall thickness. Installation is possible on any wall material. It is possible to integrate... Read more
Door AD-50 with internal cushioning and absorbent at yellow submarine Recording Studio
Acoustic doors up to 50 DB, Functional and aesthetically designed according to customer requirements