Exhaust silencers

Exhaust silencers are used for treating exhaust gases generated by generators, engines and compressors.
Due to the high temperature and the large load on the silencing system, we design and build exhaust silencers.

Exhaust silencers are designed to withstand high temperatures and they are essentially a set of cells, perforated pipes and absorbing materials that are resistant to high temperatures.

We provide three main models:

  • Primary exhaust (reactive) ES Model - this exhaust is built from an array of cells and inter connected perforated pipes. This structure provides noise reduction in low and intermediate frequencies.
  • Secondary exhaust (Absorbive) ADS Model - this exhaust is constructed from a perforated central tube and a circular envelope of rock wool. This structure provides noise reduction in high frequencies.
  • Integrated exhaust ESD Model - HNA has developed a silencer / muffler that combines the technology of both reactive and absorptive models using a common envelope. It handles noise reduction at all frequency ranges. The major advantage is space saving and simple installation by eliminating the need to install a pair of silencers. 

The most efective treatment for all frequencies is achieved by installing a primary reactive exhaust and a secondary absorptive exhaust in a row.
Alternatively you can install an integrated exhaust to ensure comprehensive silencing care.

Our exhaust silencers are supplied with connecting flanges and are painted with a special heat-resistant coating.


Primary exhaust silencer - ESB
Primary exhaust silencer - ESA
Secondary exhaust silencer  - ADS
Combined exhaust silencer - ESD