About us

HNA (Noise and vibration Control) Ltd is engaged, since its establishment in 1977, in the development and implementation of acoustic and vibration solutions.

The company was founded and directed for 33 years by the late Haim Lieber who was one of pioneering engineers in the Israeli acoustics industry.

We bring value to our clients ensuring quality, service and uncompromising professionalism.

The experience accumulated in HNA both in planning and in problem solving as well as production of complicated systems, allowing it to cope successfully with any project of any size.

The company has engineering design capacity (acoustics, mechanics, electrical, & control) as well as manufacturing and installation capacity.

HNA plant is in Ashdod manufacturers planned acoustic solutions.

Main product line:

  • Silencers for air conditioning systems, machine rooms and generators.
  • Acoustic canopies cells for generators.
  • Acoustic canopies cells for different machines.
  • Acoustic cells for motors’ run facilities.
  • Acoustic doors and windows for machinery rooms and studios.
  • Partitions and portable and hanging acoustic screens.
  • Acoustic cells for audiometry hearing tests.
  • Projects and special products for noise treatment.
  • We market complementary products in the acoustics of the world's leading companies: IAC England - Aodiumetric cells, acoustic doors and accessories.
  • CEL England - Advanced noise measurement instruments

The company's clients:

  • Air conditioning companies. Contractors.
  • Generators companies.
  • Security bodies such as MOD, IAI, IMI,
  • Human Resources, RDC, etc..
  • Collective industrial enterprises.
  • Enterprises, institutions and individuals.
  • Government institutions (Elctro power, Israel Railways, Refineries, Water companies etc).
  • Universities.
  • Hospitals and medical institutes.